Conservatory Roof Insulation

365 Insulation System


365 Insulation System

We use a multi-layered foil insulation system, specifically developed for conservatory roof insulation which is equivalent of 4 inches of loft insulation. Multi layered Foil Quilt Insulation has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agrément, Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance. And at a fraction of the cost of a new tiled roof.

The insulation we use is a 6 Layer, 15mm Multifoil Insulation material - equivalent to approximately 100mm Mineral Wool or 50mm Rigid PIR Insulation. The system was inspired by NASA, who use multi-foil insulation to protect the equipment and crew of their spacecraft from the extreme conditions of space travel.

U-value of a polycarbonate conservatory roof - 3.08 W/m²K

U-value with Sagars 365 insulation added - 0.46 W/m²K

A U-Value is the calculation of heat lost through any given surface. The lower the U-Value, the less heat it allows to pass through.

Multi foil insulation is often carried out on new builds, but it can also be added to older properties. More energy efficient than many traditional types of insulation, it’s easy to install and has a number of useful properties, such as:

  • Vapour control – this stops the insulation becoming damp, keeping it effective
  • Can be used alone or with other insulation
  • The foil layer reflects heat, stopping it escaping the building
  • Thinner than traditional insulation, making it suitable for walls, floors, or ceilings

With a life expectancy of over 50 years, it lasts longer than many other types of insulation, so you can get the most for your money.

Our conservatory roof insulation system will:

  • Reduce rain noise by up to 90%
  • Keep your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Reduce damage to your contents from harmful UV rays
  • Save you money on your heating bill


Our fitters install your insulation contact free, keeping everyone safe during the ongoing pandemic. They enter and leave your conservatory using an outside door, with the inside door to the house locked, to ensure they adhere to government social distancing guidelines.

If required, our opaque frosting is measured and fitted to the inside of the conservatory roof so the insulation cannot be seen from above. Next, the insulated multi-foil quilt is added. the quilt covers the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. Finally, the lightweight UPVC plastic cladding is installed to give you that professional finish. And we will always leave your conservatory nice and tidy, just how we found it.

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