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Covid-19 update

Updated 6th January 2021

Following the UK Government's announcement about how restrictions will change from 4th January, together with industry guidance we remain open for business and are able to continue to install products and offer sales and survey appointments in all areas of England, Wales and Scotland. All of this activity is carried out following the Governments stringent guidelines. You can read about how we are managing this below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you haven't managed to find answer to? Take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you still can't find an answer, request a callback.

Our Fitters

Are any of your fitters sub-contractors?

Are your fitters insured?

When your fitters arrive, will they have ID?


Conservatories Roof Questions

Conservatories Roof Questions

Will my new ceiling appear lower?

What about condensation?

When I look at my conservatory from the outside, will it look different?

What happens if, a couple of years later, the roof develops a leak?

Will an insulated ceiling reduce rain noise?

What type of insulation do you use?

I’m planning to have my conservatory roof insulated. How much can I expect to pay?

I’ve heard that you only charge 5% VAT on conservatory ceiling installations. Is this the case?

Do you accept credit card payments?

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do I need planning permission for Conservatory Roof Insulation?